Full Coverage

Full Coverage policies are exclusionary policies and are often referred to as New Car Coverage plans. Today's vehicles come with high tech items such as touchscreen GPS/Navigation, back up cameras, electronic suspension, hands free capabilities and more. These policies cover repairs on virtually all parts and assemblies except what is listed in the exclusions section. In other words, if you like the factory warranty on brand new vehicles then you will love these policies.

Premium Comprehensive Coverage

These policies are perfect for covering newer, older, and even higher mileage cars. These policies cover every major system on your vehicle and can include Navigation/GPS systems, back up cameras and sensors, emissions, and even the family TV/DVD players! These policies will list every item that is covered on your vehicle.

Premium Major Component

These policies are perfect for covering all the major and expensive components on your vehicle. We can even customize coverage to cover exactly what fills your needs and adjust the years and miles to your driving habits.